Famous Americans – Loren Goodman, e Arnaud Montagard


We rode our bikes up the mountains
Along the beach and as the sun
Set into downtown Santa Barbara
Weaving through the cars and shoppers
I really liked that, it was like
The end of a life


Tonight my girlfriend’s brother
is visiting from Japan.
We take him to New York’s tallest building—
the moon

First man on the bed

It’s inexpressible—I can only show you this photo of me planting our flag among the sheets. The slight gravity of the bed allowed me to hover a few minutes before falling asleep. Its surface was colder than the Earth. A pillow I threw swirled out of distance as millions of viewers sat entranced. I heard your radio transmissions. Eventually, it was quiet enough to wake.

da Famous Americans
Loren Goodman

* ph. Arnaud Montagard